Read this article (or another one that you find) about the Boeing 787.
State whether you think airlines should stick with this aircraft or move on. Use examples from the article to defend your answer.

John Brunsink
2/3/2013 10:32:03 pm

I think that the airlines should stick with the Dreamliner 787. It really can’t be that easy to design a plane and have it air-safe so if it takes Boeing like 7 years to develop a new cost effective plane, then I say it would be worth the wait for a new safe plane that doesn’t also guzzle gas.

Chris Hopkins
2/3/2013 10:35:18 pm

I don’t think that the airline companies should cancel their orders for the 787. It’s just another plane. If it has a larger capacity, it should be kept and used in the near future. The only issue is the gas. If the planes fuel got lox, would the Air Force be called in to refuel the plane?

Veronica Klein
2/3/2013 10:47:02 pm

I think Boeing should stick with making the Dreamliner 787 for the near future. As the article stated, airplane orders are made years in advance. I think that Boeing should give companies in line for a plane the choice to upgrade to the newer, cost efficient plane when it comes out. They can continue to make 787s until their next plane is ready to make on a larger scale.

Nick Gaiski
2/3/2013 10:51:22 pm

The Dreamliner 787 should be kept, but used with a different company's battery. If the Battery is failing, don't throw the multi-million dollar plane away because of a cheap japanese battery. Also to solve the gas issue, Boeing could design a wind powered, self-refueling system like the military drones have. It's not like that techonology is a secret, and it's practical because the refueling system could be the key to life or death if something happened while in flight. That system would't keep the plane going for long, but could easily make it possible for a safe landing I would think.

Austin Jordan
2/3/2013 10:52:12 pm

I think that if the airlines want to switch to the airbus because of the long wait at Boeing it is their decision and have no one except for themselves to blame if they switch and have to wait a longer time to get a new plane. It’s not like they can just go to airbus, wait for a year to get a plane, then go back to Boeing and expect their spot back in the waiting list. So I would probably stay with Boeing.

In other news,

Austin Jordan
2/3/2013 10:52:57 pm


Nick Gaiski
2/4/2013 09:59:25 pm

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Austin Jordan
2/4/2013 10:01:44 pm

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Chris Hopkins
2/4/2013 10:01:50 pm

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Austin Jordan
2/4/2013 10:45:12 pm

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2/6/2013 10:05:47 pm

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Lucas D. Johnson
2/4/2013 03:47:22 am

I think the airliners should stick with the Boeing 787. Boeing is a trusted and a good company. They will fix there mistake, hopefully they will fix the other planes. I read somewhere that the company that made the batteries was the cause of some of the major problems. So do not give up on the Boeing, just wait until they fix it.
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tyler davis
2/4/2013 09:59:49 pm

I think that airlines should stick with the Boeing 787. The Boeing company has been satisfying airlines for years so why quit on them now? It doesn't make any sense to me.

Addison Millard
2/4/2013 10:07:21 pm

I think as long as there is a risk of critical failure, airlines should find alternative models to utilize.

Corey Robins
2/4/2013 10:24:02 pm

I think that they should not get rid of the planes because nothing is wrong with the plane, it’s just the battery and on top of that it has only happened twice. And as for the fuel economy that can always be put into to later models of the planes.

Tyler Falls
2/5/2013 10:06:48 pm

I think Boeing should stick with the Dreamliner 787. As the article states, airplane orders need to be made years in advance. I think that Boeing should give customers a choice of airplanes. Until the new planes come out Boeing should still use the 787. And when the new planes come out then they may look into selling or destroying the planes.

Jillian Bailey
2/5/2013 10:19:43 pm

I think they should keep the old planes and just replace the batterys. Just because your battery dies in your car do you get rid of your car and get a new one? No, you simply solve the problem by replacing it with a better one and thats what I think they should do.

Leah Czinder
2/6/2013 10:01:49 pm

I think that the 787 should be made still. Even if it is going to take a while to make it, a cost effective and fuel efficient plane would be well worth the wait. Since Boeing is a trusted company it would make since to wait for the Dreamliner for a company the airlines are used to working with. Changing to a different one would be inconvenient and probably a bigger hassle than just waiting for the 787 to be finished.

Lane Merrill
2/6/2013 10:04:53 pm

I think that airline should stick with the 787 Dreamliner as long as there isnt anything seriously wrong with it untill the next line of super eficient planes come out. Boeing has been a trusted manufacturer of aircraft for a long time and i think the 787 is a perfectly good plane.

Brad Hall
2/6/2013 10:05:18 pm

I believe that they should stick with boeing because either way they would have to wait because air bus is also backed up with orders.

Katy Wallace
2/6/2013 10:06:21 pm

I believe that Boeing should stick with the 787. When all new models of airplanes come out, what ones don’t have issues that still need to be resolved? I don’t think that people should cancel their orders and look for a new plane because of delays. It would be worth the wait for a plane to come out that is fuel efficient.

Steven Wolfe
2/6/2013 10:10:34 pm

I think that they should keep the 787. Just because the battery is failing is no way they should throw it out because it's a multi million dollar plane. Just replace the battery.

jon wilcox
2/6/2013 10:12:35 pm

I think that they should stick with the Boeing 787 because they said that they have tweaked out all the little problems that the plane had. They also said that everything new will have small minor problems. So if it is safe now, then thats all that matters. Just next time they should do some more test with the plane, so we don't have to be the test dummies.

Bo Morgan
2/6/2013 10:14:08 pm

I think they should continue to make the planes, just make them so they’re more efficient and have fewer problems. As long as they fix the battery problem and the fuel economy; I believe that the 787 will be a good plane.

Miguel Arjona
2/6/2013 10:22:25 pm

I think they should keep the 787 because it does the job when its functioning properly. Why throw away millions of dollars when you can fix it for less than that? I think it worth the wait for the prepares to be completed. Boeing is a good and trusted manufacturer aircraft so if they wait for the repairs of the plan everything will be back to normal. Or just wait for another type of plane to come out.

Kayla Kalmink
2/7/2013 03:45:39 am

I think the 787 Dreamliner are good idea but they need to find a better battery for the planes. There has to be a more efficient and a longer lasting battery for the 787.

Amber Snore
2/7/2013 09:26:15 am

I believe to fix the problem Boeing should replace the battery in the 787. It's going to cost more for a new plane, rather than a new battery. Getting a whole new plane would be completely ridiculous...

Todd Fox
2/7/2013 09:30:14 pm

It is good that when issues such as these are found out, actions are taken. However we should not loose all hope in something when a slight defect is found. As long as the problem can be resolved fully, then there should be no issue continuing production and flights.

Caleb Engle
2/9/2013 01:15:58 am

I think that they should stick with the Boeing 787. Even if it is not working the way that they want it to, they should just try and fix it. Building a whole new plane would take years and it would be very costly for the company.


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