This is a link to an article that I would like you to read about the cost of Prom for the average family.
After reading the article and based on your personal opinion, answer these questions.
  • Have you ever gone to a prom? Do plan to attend one in the future someday?
  • Is prom something you look forward to? Why or why not?
  • Is prom worth the money? How much would you be willing to spend on prom?
  • Is it worth the social anxieties — what to wear, how to ask, who to go with and where to sit?
  • Is prom at your school getting more and more elaborate each year, whether because of over-the-top “prom-posals” or expensive outfits or lavish after-parties?
  • Why do you think prom night is such a strong school tradition all across the country?
Topic courtesy of Addison Millard

This company, Planetary Resources, believes that "harnessing valuable minerals from a practically infinite source will  provide stability on Earth, increase humanity’s prosperity, and help  establish and maintain human presence in space."  Explore their website to read more.  After reading, tell us what you think.  Is asteroid mining feasible?  Will you see this happen in your lifetime?  Are there other companies like Planetary Resources working on this concept?
Question courtesy of Nick Gaiski
What technological advances do you most look forward to/predict/anticipate will be available in the next year or two?
Here is an article about software that has been designed to grade essays and short answer questions.

Here are a few questions that come to mind.  Please address at least three of the questions in your response.
  • How would you feel about a computer grading your essays?
  • Do you think a computer would grade you fairly? Would you be more or less likely to trust a computer’s grade than one from a teacher?
  • Do you think a computer could give you effective feedback on how to improve your essay?
  • Do you care whether your teacher reads your essays? Do you try harder because you want to impress your teacher?
  • How would you feel about getting a grade instantaneously after you submitted your essay? Would the chance to get immediate feedback make up for any shortcomings a computer-generated grade might have?


The New York City mayor’s office has drawn fire for a campaign against teenage pregnancy that features a series of posters the office says sends a “strong message” directly to teenagers about the “extremely negative, life-altering” consequences of having a baby too young.

Opponents, however, say that “hurting and shaming” is counterproductive, that changing behavior is more complicated than this, and that teenagers need to be heard and supported rather than shamed.

What do you think of the poster campaign?  Will it work?  What approach works best to motivate teenagers to change behaviors — whether around drugs and alcohol, work habits, relationships or anything else?
Standardized tests determine whether students get into college, whether they get promoted to the next grade level and whether schools are doing a good job of teaching students. Can one test or series of standardized tests really determine how smart a student is or how well a school is doing?  This is NOT an opinion question.  You need to find an article that supports your answer!

CES is the Consumer Electronics Show. It is a trade show where the biggest tech news of the year used to be announced...but not so much anymore. At any rate, this article highlights Wired's "Best in Show" gadgets from the 2013 CES. I want you to take a peek through it and let me know which you think is the most interesting to you and tell me why.  Remember to use correct grammar and give me at least a paragraph of content to get full credit.
Read this or another artlcle of your choosing about global warming. Based on your knowledge, is global warming fact or fiction? What can be done to slow down global warming?  What worries you most about the impact global warming might have on our world?
Which technology tools — whether Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, text messaging or anything else — play the biggest role in your life, and in the lives of your friends?

How do you use these tools? What makes them especially relevant to you?

How do these services and apps shape your daily life and relationships — for better or worse?

Have they changed how you work, play, read, think or interact with others? How?

Read this article (or another one that you find) about the Boeing 787.
State whether you think airlines should stick with this aircraft or move on. Use examples from the article to defend your answer.