Many states have already banned texting while driving and some also have laws that do not allow drivers to talk on cell phones while driving without the use of a hands-free device. There is currently a State Bill called "Kelsey's Law" that people are trying to get passed.  Read about it at this link.

What do you think about this?  Is it a good idea?  Should it apply just to new, young drivers or would it be better to have a law like California and several other states that prohibits handheld devices from being used while driving (Bluetooth headsets are OK)?  I am really interested in your thoughts on this one. 
bill glossop
12/3/2012 02:39:07 am

i think its a great idea to ban all use of your phone while driving, so many people use there phones on the road and its distracting, your hearing is restricted to your surroundings because your attention is mostly on the person you are talking to.

Megan Kidder
12/3/2012 02:44:30 am

I think that they should have the cell phone policy so that nobody should be able to use a cell phone while driving unless you have a handheld device. The reason why I think this is because when you text and drive you are taking your full attention away from the road. People say that it is like drinking and driving but it’s not. When you’re drinking and driving at least you are looking at the road, it might be blurry, but you are looking at the road. When using a cell phone you are completely looking down and not on the road.

Addsion Millard
12/3/2012 02:50:02 am

First of all, texting/talking on your cell phone while driving is one of the most irresponsible things you can do. It endangers those around you, let alone yourself. That being said, it is not the government's place to tell us how we should drive, even if it could harm us. If someone is dumb enough to use their phone while driving, let them do it. All they are doing is increasing the population of stupid people, while they should be weeding out these people.

12/3/2012 02:51:16 am

Real Talk.

Addison Millard
12/3/2012 02:52:04 am

It goes back to the whole motorcycle helmet law. it is really dumb to ride without a helmet, but no one should tell you you have to. #CivilLiberty

Tracy George
12/7/2012 04:12:38 am

The problem is this logic is that they can harm OTHERS, not just themselves. I'm not OK with that.

Nick Gaiski
12/3/2012 02:50:44 am

People are going to do what they want regardless of the law. People go out and smoke pot all the time, and that is illegal. people still speed, people still drive drunk. It's a great idea for the government to ban texting and driving, but that doesn't mean it will stop. I HAVE SEEN A COP TEXT AND DRIVE. Seriously, I was going down the highway and saw a cop texting and driving. Just like I have seen them speed. Lets not forget to mention the number of adults that I know and have seen text and drive. Don't direct it only at teens. But regardless of if it gets passed, you cannot gaurantee that people will stop. So educate people, and let people pay for their own stupidity.

12/4/2012 01:52:35 am


Tyler Falls
12/4/2012 01:34:02 am

I do think it is a great idea to ban cellphone use while in a car. That way people can't kill each other and won't be texting while driving down the road. I mean it is already hard enough for people to drive and focus on the road. If we ban cellphones that will just help out.

Lennon Gildea
12/4/2012 01:50:36 am

I think its ok to use cell phones in cars. However I dont think its ok to talk on the phone while driving. Also I dont think its ok to text and drive.

Nate Pewoski
12/4/2012 03:59:23 am

I think texting and driving is stupider than jupiter. This law should apply to all young and old people. But I think that you should still be able to talk on your phone when driving and not need no stupid bluetooth.

Jon Wilcox
12/7/2012 02:06:30 am

jupiter nate? really?

Veronica Klein
12/4/2012 11:45:08 am

I think that passing a law saying no one can talk or text on a cellphone while driving would be great. It would help reduce deaths caused by people that allow themselves to be distracted while driving. In Driver's Ed. I learned that trying to focus on a conversation uses the same part of your brain as driving, thus reducing your concentration 40 percent. If you are controlling a 2 ton vehicle, this can be very dangerous, not only to yourself and your passengers, but to other drivers as well. A study in California showed that by banning cell phone use, overall traffic deaths fell 22 percent and hand-held cell phone driver deaths declined 47 percent. I know that I am a lot more distracted while trying to do something else in the car, and I would feel better knowing that other people wouldn't be distractedly swerving over the center line towards me because they're texting their friend about last night's game or something else that's less important than my life. Good topic, Mrs. George!

Tyler Davis
12/6/2012 01:28:48 am

I think passing a law saying that people cant talk or text on the phone while driving is really stupid. It should be the person's decision whether or not to talk or text while driving. Also, most driver's education courses tell you not to talk or text and drive over and over again, so mostly everyone is warned of the dangers that it can cause. After being warned many times it should be up to the person whether or not to heade those warnings.

Katy Wallace
12/6/2012 01:31:47 am

I think that having a law that we can't text/call on the phone while driving is a great idea, but it doesn't mean people will listen. It's not just teenagers that do it, I see adults do it all the time. People don't care if it's illegal. Like Nick said, people still smoke weed, speed, and a lot of other things that are illegal, but they still do it. People will make their own decisions, whether it's right or wrong. To some, it's worth the risk.

Steven Wolfe
12/6/2012 09:46:20 am

I think having a law for texting and talking on the phone while driving is a good idea. But people won't care, I see lots of people texting while driving teenagers and adults. No matter how illegal it is people are going to do it if they want.

Kayla Kalmink
12/7/2012 02:09:10 am

I think it is a good idea to have that law. I don’t think many people will follow it. People will still talk on the phone with their speakers or in the cars that have a talking thing. They will still be crashes with or without texting and calling in the cars.

Jon Wilcox
12/7/2012 02:09:23 am

I think that not being allowed to text and drive is a good law, but not being allowed to talk on the phone? Thats not very dangerous, I talk on the phone all the time while im driving, it is easy! I never swereve or loose focus on my driving, even when i answere my phone. That is my opinion.

Corey Robins
12/7/2012 02:11:06 am

I think that using phones in general is not a good idea while driving but at the same time that is the way that I listen to music in my car so it would suck to get in trouble because they thought i was texting even if I was just changing the song. I also think that the government should stay out of our lives because if someone is dumb enough to do it and they should learn their lesson. I dont think jail is a good enough punishment either because they will most likely just keep doing it just in a more sneaky way when they get out.

Jillian Bailey
12/7/2012 02:11:15 am

Using your cell phone and driving is never a smart thing to do. It distracts you from the road, pedestrians, animals, and well everything. It slows down your reaction time which might cost you your life or the person driving behind you and could you imagine having to live with something like that the rest of your life? It would be horrible.

Leah Czinder
12/7/2012 02:13:38 am

I think that there should be a law that bans cell phone use while driving. People should not be able to call or text while they are driving. Yes, people have the freedom to do what they want and risk their own lives but they have to right to endanger others. Using a cell phone while driving put the other drivers at risk too.

Bo Morgan
12/7/2012 02:14:51 am

I think that all cell phone use should be prohibited, for all ages. Using your cell phone distracts you from driving and makes you less able to react quickly to avoid an accident. I also think that Bluetooth should not be used because if you’re talking on the phone you’re more focused on the conversation than you are on the road.

Grace Meade
12/7/2012 02:19:44 am

I believe that this law isa great idea and should be for all ages, not only young adults. No matter the age, cell phones are a hazard. Using cell phones are not only dangerous for the person driving, but also passengers in other cars around them and the passengers in their own vehicles. Every 1 in 4 crashes are due to cell phone use. This can easily be fixed by simply not using you cell phone. This could be a matter of saving lives.

Todd Fox
12/7/2012 02:54:24 am

Driving and talking/texting can be very dangerous. Therefore I do believe that there should at minimum be a regulation enacted disallowing this with teens. It would be great though if it was enacted for everyone. Think of how many people could be alive or how many accidents could have been avoided if people were not doing talking/texing while driving. Texting should be banned outright, but talking with a headset is not as bad, so that could be the one thing that is allowed.


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