This is a link to an article that I would like you to read about the cost of Prom for the average family.
After reading the article and based on your personal opinion, answer these questions.
  • Have you ever gone to a prom? Do plan to attend one in the future someday?
  • Is prom something you look forward to? Why or why not?
  • Is prom worth the money? How much would you be willing to spend on prom?
  • Is it worth the social anxieties — what to wear, how to ask, who to go with and where to sit?
  • Is prom at your school getting more and more elaborate each year, whether because of over-the-top “prom-posals” or expensive outfits or lavish after-parties?
  • Why do you think prom night is such a strong school tradition all across the country?
Lane Merrill
5/5/2013 11:09:47 pm

no i have never gone to prom but i think i might go next year. i dont really think its a big deal, its just another school dance. I definately dont think it is worth the money spent by the average family (as stated in the article) the most i would ever consider spending on prom is maybe 4-5 hundred which includes dinner afterwords. i really have no clue why it is such a strong school tradition.

Brad Hall
5/5/2013 11:10:43 pm

Right now im getting ready to go to myt first prom at my girlfriends highschool it wasnt to much i just needed $40 for tickets and her dad is paying for gas to get there. Im not renting a tux because I already have one from when i was in band last year, and my girlfriend bought her prom dress at a place called debs for less then $100 and it looks realy nice. So Its not all that expencive to go to prom and i dont know if its worth it yet but I guess Ill find out next weekend.

Lucas Johnson
5/6/2013 04:40:58 am

Prom to me a waste of time, it has been glamorized by the media; there is not point on wasting money on a party that has little significance. It is just High School, no wear close to the real world. Prom is just an excuse to show off your parent’s money with cut and paste clothing. Shure there is some true love that lives on, but usually is not the case. Prom is popular because of the media’s idea that life should be a constant party, always having a good time. It blinds us from the truth that in which we could find some true happiness. The social implications surrounding this are crazy; perfection, “beauty”, youth. Life has just begun but it really does not start until you go to college and graduate or get a job. So prom is just an excuse to dress up nice, be mean, spend your parent’s money, and act stupid.

Tyler Davis
5/6/2013 10:59:23 pm

I personally think prom is a waste of time. All it is, is an overpriced ticket to a dance that you will maybe have fun. You pay for all the stupid drama that comes up, for a fight maybe, and so you'll basically have a slim to none chance of winning prom king or queen. It's just another excuse for the school to take your money.

Stephen Bowles
5/6/2013 11:07:54 pm

I have never been to prom, and I never intend to attend. I have no cause to look forward to prom. It has nothing that interests me that I can't get elsewhere. I can hang out with my friends any other day without having to worry about all the stress of getting the nicest outfits. If I had to go to prom, I wouldn't need to spend more than ten bucks. I can get a nice suit at Salvation Army or Goodwill for cheap. I can't say if prom has been getting more elaborate here, because I haven't been paying attention. I think prom is such a strong tradition because it is glamorized by pop-culture and offers an excuse to behave frivolously.

Caleb Engle
5/6/2013 11:08:49 pm

I have never gone to prom but I plan on attending next year. I look forward to it because it is a night wear you can act like an adult going out to eat with your friends and having a night without your parents. I think that prom is worth the money but I would try to get my parents to pay for a little bit of it because it is pretty expensive for just one night. It is worth the social anxieties because after it is all over with you’ll probably be glad you went. And I don’t know if prom is getting better each year because I haven’t been to a prom yet but it is probably such a strong tradition in America because of all the media that surrounds it.

Chris Hopkins
5/6/2013 11:25:59 pm

I believe all prom is, is just another event the school uses to raise money. The excessive amounts of money and time spent on it, to me, is just ridiculous. It makes no sense. It’s not that big a deal honestly. What’s Prom Queen gonna mean twenty years down the road?, nothing. Please excuse the language but all it means now is you’re a whore who’s slept your way to the top, and when you don’t get your way, you throw a hissy fit. I don’t think a year of convincing the boys to vote for you is worth ten minutes of fame. Never-the-less you shouldn’t spend more than $100 on the dress and night. People like me don’t have the money for it.

Bo Morgan
5/6/2013 11:29:51 pm

I have never been to prom, but I plan to attend next year. Prom is not something I look forward to because I’ve heard that it isn’t that fun. Prom is definitely not worth $1,139 as the article said, at least not to me. I would spend four hundred dollars on prom, including the dinner and all. I don’t think that the social anxieties get to me about what I’m going to wear and who to ask, but I could see that affecting a girl about a dress. I have heard bigger ideas about how to ask people to prom each year in our school. I think that prom is big across the country because the media makes it a big deal and talks about it when it gets around prom time.

Miguel Arjona
5/6/2013 11:46:15 pm

This is my first year of going to prom and I guess I do plan on attending again. It was something I looked forward to because everyone gets to dress up and we look really nice and classy. But it cost a lot of money and I wouldn’t be willing to spend more than 310 dollars. Yes its worth the anxieties but the problem everyone has with prom is that they don’t allow the students to dance how they want. They’ve allowed it in recent years and the students go through a lot of trouble and MONEY to go have a good time but the school makes things to difficult for students to have fun with all these new rules.. I’m surprised we are allowed to breathe without being kicked out. Prom night should be a fun night that all the JR’s and SR’s should be allowed to have a good time with there dates or friends or whatever without all the new rules. Yes the dancing can get a little inappropriate but what’s the point of stopping them from doing it and kicking people out? The school just loses money from people not going.

Kayla Kalmink
5/7/2013 04:41:20 am

Yes I have. It was a blast. I am planning on going next year. I look forward to prom because it was fun but there needs to be different kinds of food and it will need to be in a bigger place than it was this year. Prom was worth the money even though I have no clue how much my dress was but it wasn’t any more than $100, all together I spent $200 because I ate at home, my mom did my hair and I have no clue on dress because my mom paid for it. I have a ton of dresses in my basement so if I couldn’t find a dress I could find one in my room of dresses and I went everywhere. I don’t know if they are more elaborate because some of the people make it bigger than it really is. All most everyone has some sort of prom. It is a tradition and it is just going to get bigger and bigger.

Katy Wallace
5/7/2013 11:24:35 pm

I went to my junior prom, and after my experience there, I had no intention to go to my senior prom. I wasn’t looking forward to prom this year because last year I was bored and didn’t have any fun at all. I don’t understand why people go crazy around prom season and think they have to spend so much money. It’s pretty much like the rest of our dances except this one is for juniors and seniors only. The only money I spent on prom last year was for my ticket and the dress my mom bought me. The dress was only around $70 so we didn’t spend a whole lot on it. I just left my hair down and ate at home. It was much more comfortable than going out and wasting money to have to deal with crowds and rude people. I guess it’s worth the social anxiety. I like when prom comes around because I love watching how people ask others to go. They come up with some creative stuff.

Corey Robins
5/7/2013 11:32:49 pm

I have been to multiple proms because my girlfriend goes to a different school than me. I do not think it is worth it to spend more than 500 dollars for everything to go to prom because I think me and my girlfriend paid that or maybe a little more to go to both proms. Unlike a lot of people that have already posted on here I think it is worth it to go because it is part of high school whether the media makes it out to be a lot more than it really is pretty soon you won’t be in high school and you will have a job and won’t be able to do these things with as much care free feeling you have now. I will agree that prom is not the most fun thing I have ever done because basically it’s the same every year but it’s cool to go hang out with your friends and go out to eat all dressed up and see what everyone else wore and I think if I hadn’t gone I would really regret it later on because my mom didn’t go her junior year and she says she regrets that. As for worrying about who to go with and what to wear and all that jazz I think it’s fun and takes your mind off of school for a little bit and adds some fun stress and maybe forces you to ask that one girl out that you have wanted to for a long time but never could gather the courage too.

Leah Czinder
5/7/2013 11:53:45 pm

I have gone to three proms. Every year I have looked forward to it because it’s always a good time and it’s one of the few times you get to get that dressed up and go out for a night. I think that prom is worth a little extra spending but not $1,000. I believe that some people can go over the top on prom when you can look just as good and have just as much fun without all the extra expenditures. I think that for everything (tickets, tux, dress, hair and dinner) prom should only cost the couple around $300, tops. I don’t think that people should get as worked up about prom as they do. While it is a good time, it’s starting to be blown out of proportion. I believe that prom is such a strong school tradition across the country because it is the last hooray of the school year. And for seniors it is their very last dance, their last time to spend a night with their classmates cutting loose and having fun.

Veronica Klein
5/9/2013 04:40:41 am

I have never been to a prom, nor do I really want to. I was very surprised at how much people spend on prom a year. I don't know how much tickets are, but I wouldn't spend more than $40 on it, dinner included. If I did go, I would not spend money on a new dress when I have several perfectly good ones already in my closet. (Not to mention that it's more fun to dance in a hoop skirt anyways. :) ) Maybe prom is a lot of fun, but I can't see why you would pay extra money to hang out with your friends whom you see every day in school. Finally, I prefer to dance ballroom dances, and from what I've seen in movies and such, that's not what kind of music that is played at proms.

Jillian Bailey
5/9/2013 11:22:47 pm

I have went to a prom and believe it is worth going. But I do not agree that you should spend this much money on a prom it is way over the top. Prom is a night for kids to get dressed up and have a good time with friends, so why should you spend this much to have a good time? Personaly I dont think I spent that much money on both my proms combined. I think prom is still a tradition because it gives kids the option to act like adults for a night and kids love to feel like their in charge.

Amber Snore
5/9/2013 11:29:45 pm

I have never gone to prom nor do I want to. I believe prom is an event all about materialism, it's about who has the best of what. Honestly, I believe you should still be able to have a good time without paying all that money. My boyfriend and I are having a "prom" this summer. We're going to dance in the park. Prom has never been something I look forward to, it's kind of just another dance, and I’m not much for public events. I do believe girls are far too worried about their appearance and whether they have a date or not, why not go to have fun? It should be a night where you don't feel judged. I believe everything is getting more extreme involving prom, the bigger the better right? It's a tradition, it stood the sands of time, it was just much different back when my mom went, and it’s quite ridiculous now.

5/13/2013 10:58:43 pm

I had no clue that we had a blog last week. But no, prom is not worth it. It's basically a regular school dance at a fancy, or in hasting's case, a not-so-fancy place. Prom isn't like in the movies....

3/2/2015 02:16:43 pm

Why do you think prom night is such a strong school tradition all across the country?


Is prom at your school getting more and more elaborate each year, whether because of over-the-top “prom-posals” or expensive outfits or lavish after-parties?


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