This week's blog topic is another "opinion" style question.  Do you think it is ethical for colleges, parents, or employers to search social networking sites for information about people?  If you don't know what it means to be ethical, please look it up before responding.  I want you to respond with a yes or no answer followed by an explanation of your reasoning.
Nick Gaiski
10/29/2012 03:02:11 am

No, because it is being nosy. As long as the student or employee is doing their work, then why do they need to have their school or work breathing down their neck? If a person wants someone to knw what they are up to, they will invite you to be their friends.

tyler davis
10/29/2012 03:03:11 am

No, i dont think it is ethical for any adult to check social networking sites for information about people. I don't think it is fair if the employer or any other adult goes by what is on your social networking page to determine whether or not to hire you.

Alexis Morgan
10/29/2012 03:07:35 am

No, because if you want to know something about someone you should just ask them yourselves. Or you can ask and their high school or something in that area. People have the right to keep things private, they might have something on there about who they are but on the other hand they might have personal information that doesn’t need to be heard or read.

Megan Kidder
10/29/2012 03:10:05 am

No, because yes we put where we live and all that information but that is it you don't actually know who they are. If you go by what other people are saying then that doesn’t tell you anything. You can’t control what other people say, and that is what most colleges go by.

Dillon Anderson
10/29/2012 03:10:33 am

No, it is not ethical to check social network sites before hiring, accepting someone into colege, or spy on your family. Social networks set a totally different atmosphere for someoe to be themselves at, or be someone else. The work setting, school setting, home setting, and facebook setting are all different and should not be related to eachother. I personally act way different on facebook than i would at work. Therefore, if an employer looked at my facebook account for work ethic, they wouldnt find it anywhere.

Veronica Klein
10/29/2012 03:10:48 am

I am undecided on the topic whether adults should be able to look at social networking sites for information about you. People such as employers and colleges may want inside information about students or employees that they otherwise wouldn't share. People tend to be a lot less polite online with their friends than they would be if they were being interviewed by a potential employer. I do agree, however that any potential employer gaining access to non-public information is a breach of your privacy. While you should be careful of what you put online, it makes it that much more important to watch what you say if anyone can gain access to it.

Addison Millard (Mrs. George's favorite)
10/29/2012 03:12:40 am

No, it is not ethical for colleges or employers to use social networks to find information about people. Colleges are supposed to make their admission decisions based on achievement and merit, and employers should hire people based on their experience and work ethic. What ever that person does in their free time is their own business.

Tyler Falls
10/30/2012 02:28:05 am

I don't think it is ethical to check social netwroking sites to use your information. You could have lied about something or anything could be wrong on it. So I don't think it is a good idea.

Grace Meade
10/30/2012 02:34:41 am

No, I believe it isn't ethical to look on to social networking websites for information on people. Some things can be found on social networks that provide colleges, parents, and employers with false information. I don't believe that using these websites give people information that's necessary. People shouldn't lose job opportunites or college opportunities due to information found on the interenet, but I also believe people shouldn't be putting information that they don't want everyone to see.

Kayla Kalmink
11/2/2012 03:04:26 am

I am undecided because you should have a choice to do this. If you want people to see them you should be able to mark yes or no or give them your information.

Steven Wolfe
11/2/2012 03:39:38 am

No, I don't think its ethical for colleges, parents, or employers to look up on social networking sites for your personal information. Some things people put on their social networking profile are false and if a college sees it or even an employer it can ruin your college application or even a job, but people shouldn't put stuff on their social networking profile if they don't want people to see.

Lennon Gildea
11/2/2012 03:48:04 am

I think it is unethical to have a college to look up your information. The reason i disagree is because it is an invasion of privacy. It is also a form of being a "stalker". It can also kill a person because now a days you have to fight to survive off from any money you possibly get.

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