Read the article found at the link below. After reading, please respond with a well-written paragraph that states your position on the idea and backs your position up with facts.  Remember, you are being graded on both grammar and content.
Corey Robins
9/10/2012 03:16:20 am

I think that the chips would be a good but I think that they should be shut off after school is out so that people like me who carry my I.D. card in my wallet arent being tracked everywhere I go it would give more mening to carrying your I.D. card around

Jon Wilcox
9/10/2012 03:18:08 am

I think that tracking students with RFID's in my opinion is not a good idea because it would go against our personal rights. They will know where we have been, and what time as long as you are on campouse. That's not right if you ask me but, it could also be a good thing. They could use these to stop drug use and truency! So there are two sides to this, I guess it just depends on who you are!

Katy Wallace
9/10/2012 03:23:21 am

I personally don't like the idea of the RFID's. I would almost feel like I'm being stalked during the school day since someone would know where I am at all times. I get that it could be a good thing because it might lower tardy's and skipping school, but it's violating our personal rights. Also, the people who make the RFID chips don't know if it could affect people's health .

Amber Snore
9/10/2012 03:25:21 am

I personally believe that tracking students is not a good idea. Tracking students is an invasion of privacy. It's a little ridiculous in the aspect that it can be abused. It could indeed be used to track students on their own time, what students do on their own time is their own business. Also, I believe it shouldn't be counted as students being present if they’re are simply just in the building. I believe that if a student isn't in their seat or class on time without a pass, they shouldn't be counted as present.

Bo Morgan
9/10/2012 03:29:14 am

I think this RIFD chip idea is a good idea. The school would get more money on the count days because they can count the kids that aren't in class, but in the building. Also, for the kids that don't buy lunch, an ID card would actually hold more value to them and a better reason to carry it. The school would have to shut the trackers off so people don't get to angry about them invading their privacy.

Todd Fox
9/10/2012 03:31:50 am

I think that using rfid chips for tracking is a good idea in only some situations and also using rfid in other applications is great. There are many advantages of using this technology such as attendance, access control, and payments. It will greatly simplify the way that we do these things. Back to tracking, it should not be done on a massive scale like implanting a chip in your driver's license and tracking you around the country. That is an invasion of privacy.

Addison Millard
9/10/2012 03:32:33 am

RFIDs, or Radio Frequency Identification Devices, are awesome for products and/or advertisements in that you can embed not only a serial number but also data like web addresses. On the contrary, for people, they are intrusive and an invasion of privacy. I feel, very strongly, that everyone has a right to stay as anonymous as they feel necessary. I recognize the fact that schools need and even deserve more money, but there are other ways in getting that money that don’t involve invading students’ privacy.

Chris Hopkins
9/11/2012 02:50:14 am

These RFID readers seem like they’d be dangerous to our health. The article says that they emit an electromagnetic signal. I don’t think that’s good for our health. Not to mention the fact that its always tracking you. There seems to be no privacy. What if you got to go to the bathroom? Everyone in the school would know you are there. The bathroom is a private place and should be kept so. I think there’s a loop hole anyway. If it’s a tag like for shirt wear, then you could in theory keep it in you locker and don’t have to be there. The school would get money and there would be no harm done.

Chris Harn
9/11/2012 02:52:42 am

I believe that RFID tracking chips are a good idea in some cases but I believe that before they are adapted as widespread practice that the security needs to be updated making it harder to clone a card. The idea of tracking student and eliminating the responsibility of teachers to take roll would be an immense advantage in the long run and privacy isn’t really violated as location on campus is the only thing tracked.

Steven Wolfe
9/11/2012 02:57:10 am

I believe the RFID chips are a good idea, because when schools have count days they will be able to identify who's in the school, that way its more accurate then just doing a head count. Though I think once school is over the chips should stop working so people can't see where your going.

tyler davis
9/11/2012 02:58:10 am

I believe that RFID tracking cards are not necessary. I think the government is wasting money on non-important stuff. All the schools have to do is put cameras on the doors and watch the tape at the end of the day. That alone will keep people from skipping school. The teachers already can take roll electronically why make a tracking card too?

Veronica Klein
9/11/2012 02:59:59 am

I do not think that tracking students on school grounds or on a college campus is a good idea. It invades their privacy and could be a safety threat if it got into the wrong hands. While the schools might gain more money by counting the students that are not in their classroom, I feel that overall the inconveniences to the students would outweigh the advantages to the school.

Nic Schaefer
9/11/2012 03:00:13 am

I think that these RFID tags would just create more problems in the school. They are an invasion of privacy and de-humanize students. among the problems that would be created are additional technical issues in the school. Since the tags are not encrypted, anyone could know who is or isnt at the school if they also had access to the database that matched the numbers to the students. students could easily make copies of their cards which would make it very easy to skip school.

Nate Pewoski
9/11/2012 03:03:40 am

I think that RFID’s or Radio Frequency Identification Devices are a good idea for school administrators to start doing. So far as they stay on the students ID card and not planting them in students clothes, such as what happened at a Richmond California school. This would effectively help put an end to students skipping school and cutting classes. But another thing is if somehow they could be turned off after the school day is over, that would be a good idea because I would not like it if people could potentially watch me everywhere I go. So other than that I think they are a very good idea.

Megan Kidder
9/11/2012 03:05:02 am

In my opinion I think that the RFID cards are a bad idea. The reason behind that theory is that students have no privacy. Another reason why I believe that the cards are a bad idea is because; it said in the article that they have to carry the cards around with them. Whenever kids are handed a regular ID most of the time they put it in their locker and forget about it. So if that were to happen kids would be counted for being there even if they’re not. I believe that it would be an easier way to play hooky.

Leah Czinder
9/11/2012 03:05:32 am

I believe that ID cards embedded with RFID chips are a good idea for school. The ID cards would allow the schools to know if you are at school even if you're not in your seat. This would allow the school system to get more money. The article also said that the ID cards are only tracked while they are on school grounds, allowing the students their privacy once they leave the building.

bill glossop
9/11/2012 03:06:36 am

I think using the RFID chips is not a good idea, it says students are only monitored on school campus but how do we know that forsure? It could be on all the time and we wouldnt know. Also its a huge privacy problem, where i go and what i do after school hours is between me and my parents, not the school.

Dillon Anderson
9/11/2012 03:08:16 am

I disagree with the use of RFID tags. Sure, they make it easier to monitor students and prevent crime, but it takes away the individuality of each student on campus by labeling them all like livestock. People should be able to go to the school they choose, without their privacy being exploited

Tyler Falls
9/11/2012 03:09:27 am

I believe that the RFID tags are not necessary it would just invade our privacy as students. And I don’t like to be monitored throughout the whole entire school. And we don’t even know if these tags have any health issues. For all we know we could get cancer or some other disease. And if it is very easy to clone the cards what’s to say teens wouldn’t just clone the cards and skip. That or teens would just slip there card in someone else’s bag. So as much headache as these cards bring I do not think it is a good idea to use them.

Alexis Morgan
9/11/2012 03:10:20 am

I think that if we have the chips in our ID cards more students would be able to be tracked and we would have a lot more students showing up in class rather than skipping. The RFID chips can help if a student gets lost and we cannot find them. The chips will be turned off when they are off campus or are out of reach for the detectors, so most students cannot be tracked when they are at home or when they are out with friends.

Grace Meade
9/11/2012 03:11:17 am

I believe that the RFID chips would be a good idea to bring to schools. It allows the school to keep track of students and where they are on campus, which can prevent many students from skipping class. It will also help the school to get the proper amount of money each day. Once a student leaves school grounds though, the chips should be turned off so students can’t be tracked out of schools.

Dexx Van Houten
9/11/2012 03:11:44 am

I think that RFID chips are useful devices that have their place in our society. But I do not think that one of those places is a school setting. First off I feel like it’s a slight invasion of privacy, plus the new technology would probably cause problems, adding to the one that the Tech department alredy deals with.

Kayla Kalmink
9/11/2012 03:12:04 am

I do not think that tracking students is necessary because if they aren’t at school you should mark them absent. If teacher want the students to be at school they should tell the student to be there or have a parent call in. If the students have the tracking devices at school they should be turned off when school gets out.

Donavin Taggart
9/13/2012 04:21:16 am

I don't like the idea of RFID's I would feel like I'm being wached during school someone would know where Im at all times it's violating our personal space

Dillon Anderson
9/18/2012 02:38:58 am

The monument of Nathan Forrest is just a dedication to one man. The senator of Alabama wants the monument gone, but that won't change how people feel about the situation. If they put up the monument, good for them. If not, the people supporting the monument will get angry at the government. The monument should be put up and no harm will come to anyone. Live and let live


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