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Do you want your full screen, or do you want to see the entire movie? Do you consider yourself an avid TV watcher or a movie buff? Do the notorious black bars necessary on typical televisions bother you, or is it a welcome compromise? Explain how you would ideally watch a movie on your television.

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tyler davis
9/24/2012 03:29:04 am

I watch movies full screen.So i'm on the side of the people that like to watch their movies full screen. On the other side I don't mind watching movies with the black line on the bottom and the top of the screen. It doesn't really effect me any.

alexis morgan
9/24/2012 03:38:06 am

I would much rather watch a movie full screen. I feel like the bars at the top cut out some of the screen, so you don’t get the whole video. Also the bars can sometimes make the screens width shorter and the length wider than it should be, so the screen is stretched out.

Dillon Anderson
9/25/2012 02:31:30 am

I personally prefer widescreen for movies and full screen for tv shows. Widescreen is just more intense and shows a little bit more on the screen. tv shows aren't usually as important, so i'll just watch on fullscreen

Amber Snore
9/28/2012 02:05:23 am

Expect for the walking dead right?

Veronica Klein
9/25/2012 10:35:15 am

I prefer to watch movies with black bars on the top and bottom. While I find full screen to be tolerable, I am always afraid I'm missing something in the cut-off portion of the screen! I think what the industry needs is a TV that somehow has two side screens that slid out to make it movie-theater length for watching movies but can be pushed in to be viewed as a standard-sized TV when watching television.

Katy Wallace
9/26/2012 03:12:00 am

Whenever I watch movies I watch them with a wide screen. The black bars aren’t my favorite because for some reason they distract me, but it’s worth it to see the whole movie instead of only 55%.

Nate Pewoski
9/26/2012 03:12:44 am

I consider myself an avid TV watcher and I would like to have the full screen of my television. I really don’t care that I might only be seeing 55 or 75% of the movie. I also, hate those black bars at the top and bottom of the screen when it is in the widescreen display. Also before I saw this movie I did not know that I was only seeing just over half the movie, so I think it’s safe to say that a lot of Americans who watch movies and TV do not know that they are missing parts of the movie. But I think they really wouldn’t care that much.

Megan Kidder
9/26/2012 03:13:08 am

I think that you should see the entire movie. When the black bars are on the top and bottom of the screen it annoys me. I think that it would be better to see the whole movies because if you don’t want to miss anything that is happening in the movie. When the black bars are on the movie I can’t help but look at them and then I’m missing the entire movie because I’m not paying attention.

Addison Millard
9/28/2012 02:07:31 am

Movies that are viewed in wide screen, which show ALL of the movie, are the ones that have black bars on top and bottom. Full screen cuts off the sides and forces you to watch only 55% of the movie.

Amber Snore
9/28/2012 02:15:09 am

^ Correct

Corey Robins
9/26/2012 03:14:50 am

I don’t really mind the way the new TV’s are even though most movies have the black bars on top and bottom and some TV channels/shows have black bars on the side of the screen. I also wouldn’t mind a TV that is 6 feet wide except I might not have enough room on my wall.

Bo Morgan
9/26/2012 03:19:20 am

I would much rather watch a movie on my television with the bars because then I can see everything in the entire movie, not just 45% of it. I would consider myself an avid TV watcher, but I do not want the black bars when watching a television show. The black bars do not bother me unless I’m watching a show on TV. I would ideally watch a movie on a TV with the black bars because I want to see everything. I like the idea of making the dimensions of movie screens and televisions proportional, so you can watch movies full screen and get 100% of the movie.

Jon Wilcox
9/26/2012 03:44:50 am

I believe that if I was a movie buff I would compromise with the back bars on my T.V. because I would like to watch the entire movie, not just 45% of it! The black bars don’t really affect me but I would rather T.V. making companies to design a television that has the right dimensions! That way we would not have to deal with stretching, moving the screen, or the black bars!

Leah Czinder
9/27/2012 02:27:40 am

I like to watch movies in wide screen and TV shows in full screen. I don't mind the black bars that are on the top and bottom of the screen. It's better than missing parts of the movie.

Grace Meade
9/27/2012 02:34:25 am

I don't think that it really matters what type of screen you have. The black bars don't bother me; most of the time I don't even realize when the black bars are there. I also didn't know that we are only seeing part of the movies we watch on our televisions, but I dont think it makes much of a difference. The modified version still shows the important parts of the movies and the others robably aren't essential information.

Lennon Gildea
9/27/2012 06:16:58 am

I have a 72 inch tv so I see 100% of the tv show. However I still feel that most television should be shown.

bill glossop
9/28/2012 01:53:59 am

i think full screen movies are better... you can see everything thats going on in the movie and the black bars are annoying. Plus why watch a movie if u cant watch the whole thing?

Amber Snore
9/28/2012 02:04:12 am

When you're watching a movie full screen you're actually not watching "all" of the movie, it's just on a larger screen, some of the screen is cut off to fit it to the screen, either that or it's stretched and distorted to fit onto the screen, with widescreen you are watching the movie in its entirety, it's not distorted or cut off.

Addison Millard
9/28/2012 02:09:56 am

Full screen is the one that cuts of the sides of the movie. Widescreen shows the entire movie. The black bars just fill the parts of the screen that is not being used.

Jillian Bailey
9/28/2012 01:58:13 am

I don’t necessarily mind the black bars even if they are a little bit annoying there is just no way I could fit a T.V. that big in my room so I will have to stick with seeing a movie on wide screen that way i can at least see 100% of the movie.

Steven Wolfe
9/28/2012 01:59:19 am

I dont think that is matters what type of screen you watch movies on, and the black bars never really bothered me; most of the time I never realized they were there. I think even with shrinking the screen a little bit doesn't make that big of a difference.

Amber Snore
9/28/2012 02:00:59 am

I'm okay with widescreen honestly, it doesn't really matter to me, I know it's always a bummer when you see a movie is widescreen but as I continue to watch the movie, I can't really tell the difference, my eyes adjust to it. I would say I'm more of an avid television watcher than a movie buff. I religiously watch a number of shows, my favorite television shows are the walking dead and teen wolf. I can't admit I'd don't watch a lot of movie though, any movie that sound or look interesting to me I try and somehow watch. I'm also a big fan of Charlie Chaplin films. As I said before, I do notice the black bars on widescreen movies, but some movies look better in widescreen, such as any of the Lord of the Rings movies, there's a lot to see, so getting the whole picture is important but when it comes to full screen, as long as it doesn't cut out anything important, it's okay with me. My preference would have to be full screen though, I enjoy a big screen over a smaller screen.

Chris Hopkins
9/28/2012 02:03:15 am

Normally I just watch full screen movies. I don’t really care much. I don’t like the black bars that get placed on the top and bottom of the screen. The bars get distractive very easily.

Addison Millard
9/28/2012 02:04:11 am

I, for one, hate, hate, HATE watching movies in full screen movies, simply because it cuts of the sides of the movie. I consider myself a movie buff, but I do watch a lot of TV (and love it). The black bars you get when watching a movie on TV do not bother me in the slightest. I would much rather have them than a stretched screen or full screen.

Todd Fox
9/28/2012 02:17:42 am

Seeing the full movie would be my preference. I watch more TV shows than movies. The black bars do bother me a lot but if I have to choose between seeing part of the show or all of it, all of it would be my choice.

Chris Harn
9/28/2012 02:21:00 am

OK i prefer the wide screen yeah some people cant handle the black bars but i like seeing all of what I'm watching. My parents have their TV set to zoom mode and it bugs the crap out of me because it cuts off part of my favorite TV shows and they hid the remote.

Tyler Falls
9/28/2012 02:22:06 am

I consider myself an avid TV watcher and I would like to have the full screen of my television. At the same time though I really don’t care that I might only be seeing 55 or 75% of the movie. Its a movie you shouldn't really care what percentage of the movie you can see.


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