Read this article and do other research if necessary.  Craft a well-written response about whether adding time to the school year will improve learning, test scores, and/or student life.
tyler davis
12/10/2012 02:05:23 am

I don't think that adding more time to the school year will improve anything. The most that it will do is probably make students mad. It will lead them to probably not care about grades for the extra days so they won't get good grades. They will basically go on a strike to cut back the days.

Veronica Klein
12/10/2012 02:12:11 am

Being a homeschooler, changing the length of the school day doesn't affect me very much, especially since I'm graduating next year. We will still get done at the same time of day we always have. However, I can see how that would be a big issue to non-homeschoolers. I think that students, homeschooled or otherwise, do need some "off time" to browse facebook or hang out with their friends so they don't get over stressed about school. By making both the school day and year longer, they will have less time to do so. As I said, this doesn't affect me especially much, so I'm interested to see what everyone else thinks.

Bo Morgan
12/10/2012 02:23:51 am

I don’t feel that extending the school year would improve student’s life. Most students would get sick of school and dropout. At a time when we are trying to push to lower the dropout rate, we are pushing students away with this system. I do think that extending would bring test scores and help students learn better. The teachers wouldn’t have to try and cram everything the state wants us to learn into a short amount of time. They could extend time per semester and take more time on certain areas the students have trouble with.

Jon Wilcox
12/10/2012 02:34:08 am

I think that having a longer school day isn’t so bad if they year is shorter, but extending the day and year? I don’t think this is a good idea because it would put more long term stress on students who do more activities after school like sports or BPA. This would make everything more difficult. With more stress, I do not think this will improve test scores. It will only tire out and deteriorate the life of the students. You can’t just flood students with work and long hours, it just doesn’t work.

Nick Gaiski
12/11/2012 01:30:53 am

I AM SOOOO INDIFFERENT! I LITERALLY DO NOT GIVE A SINGLE OUNCE OF CARE ABOUT THE SCHOOL YEAR. But f'real, I am not worried about it, because I am a senior. AND I ARE SMART ENOUGH TO GRADEE-ATE. :) It really won't effect anything like learning wise, it will just slow the learning process down. In which may or may not lower stress. But we are already running semesters, while everyone else is running trimesters. And semesters are slower than trimesters. So we should switch to trimesters.

Dr. Phil
12/11/2012 01:32:33 am

Now how does that make you feel?

Chuck Norris
12/14/2012 03:13:10 am

I doubt you are Dr. Phil. and to tell the truth im not really Chuck Norris so hell yeah

12/14/2012 02:09:00 am

Well said

12/11/2012 01:33:35 am


Corey Robins
12/11/2012 01:40:47 am

I think that one or the other would be better either make longer days and a shorter year or shorter days and a longer year but adding more time on I feel would do no good. I think that most the stuff we learn in our high school career is almost pointless unless your going into a field where you need to know calc. So adding on to the time we spend in school would just waste more of our time and and in a way make us less prepared for the real world because if we are always in school or doing homework we will not know how to act around other people.

Nate Pewoski
12/13/2012 01:51:17 am

I think we shouldnt have a longer school year because I like my summer and I wouldn't really care if we had maybe longer school days but a shorter year. Because day to day isn't really that bad and I could tollerate it, but I do alot of stuff in the summer and I think a shorter summer wouldn't help anything.

Chris Hopkins
12/13/2012 02:43:02 am

I think the last thing we need are longer school days. The longer the days the less energy the kids will have to focus on school. It’s hard to focus on school when you have drama, and bulling, and lack of sleep. The longer school days will not improve the grades, in fact I think the grades will decline. I can say this, glad it’s my last year!

Tyler Falls
12/13/2012 02:44:53 am

I do not think that adding time to the school year will help. I think that kids will hate school even more. Only the kids who like school would want extra school time. If a kid fails a class then yeah maybe some extra school time for him but that’s why there is summer school. I think that if there was more school time added it would just cause a riot with families.

Grace Meade
12/14/2012 02:08:37 am

I believe that making the school year longer would be beneficial for most students. I sometimes find that teachers are rushing subjects onto me in order finish the criteria given to them by the state before the end of the school year is over. I don't feel like that’s allowing me to actually learn the material and absorb the information. A longer school year would give me more time to finish work. Personally, I would hate having a longer school year because I don't enjoy school but I realize that it would be more beneficial for the future and in the long run, I do agree with making the school year longer.

Kayla Kalmink
12/14/2012 02:08:47 am

I don’t think that it will affect anything because kids will drop out if the year is longer and if the day is longer I think that some kids will just be “sick” for the rest of the day. But you can only get away with that for a short amount of time.

Addison Millard
12/14/2012 02:11:51 am

I do not believe lengthening the school year would improve anything. In fact, I think it would worsen student morale, slow the year down and over all, be more costly than necessary.

Steven Wolfe
12/14/2012 02:17:14 am

I think having longer school years is a bad idea. I think this because some students might not concentrate as much with longer school years because their thinking about it too much. I could go for a longer day and shorter school year would be fine with me.

Megan Kidder
12/14/2012 02:17:48 am

Truthfully I don’t really care about the next school year because I’m a senior so it doesn’t matter to me. If I wasn’t a senior then I would be very angry. The reason why I think this is because I already don’t like school, and a lot of people don’t. If they made us go longer then I would hate it more. Yes, it could help teachers teach more and the kids can learn a lot more but I think that it will cause more stress. Then again I am a senior so again I don’t really care.

Katy Wallace
12/14/2012 02:23:04 am

I don't think that making the school day, and the school year longer is a good idea. I can understand if one of the two happened, but not both. Besides making students angry, they would get sick of school more than they already are. I do believe kid's would get stressed out at first, but once they got used to it, their test scores and grades might actually improve.

Todd Fox
12/14/2012 02:49:45 am

Adding time to the school year has the potential to improve learning and grades. Although, we need to first evaluate what is causing the issues. There can be other factors that contribute to the education issues, such as the home environment. Just adding time is not always the solution for all districts.

Jillian Bailey
12/14/2012 02:55:23 am

I dont think increasing the time in the school year will help with test scores or learning in general because the students will take what they want out of it and put in the same effort as before.

Lennon G.
12/14/2012 03:10:02 am

I dont think that we should extend the school year. that would be because extending the school year would be more stressfull. I think also that we as students need time to rest.


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