The main character in this article created a soccer ball that can be used by children in even the poorest countries.  What might you be able to invent to make the world better?
bill glossop
11/26/2012 02:15:04 am

im not sure what to invent that would make the world a better place... too many people want different things so inventing one thing wouldnt satisfy the whole world.

Nick Gaiski
11/26/2012 02:43:34 am

Invent a new world where everything is perfect for everyone. Bing, Bang, Boom. You got it.

bill glossop
11/30/2012 02:07:37 am

everything perfect wouldnt make everyone happy, some peoples wants would interfere with anothers.

Veronica Klein
11/26/2012 02:21:49 am

I love the idea of making soccer balls that don't deflate. I can remember quite a few times when ours didn't survive an accidental kick into the rose bushes. While I don't think I could make anything currently that would be world-changing, I would like to someday find a cure for both the common cold and the flu. (Or fund someone who finds it.) It would be nice to not have to worry about getting sick over Christmas break or have to take time off of work or school because you're sick in bed. I would also like to invent something kind of like the Internet, but for everyone everywhere, regardless of if they have electricity or computers. I would let people put all their individual knowledge into it so anyone could theoretically learn anything based on what other people know of the subject.

Nick Gaiski
11/26/2012 02:40:00 am

Real Object Printers. That would be my contribution to the world. If I could go only and buy, then print a chicken sandwhich, my life would be complete. I have always wanted to be able to get food without leaving my seat. It's like that one song. "Hey, I just bought you. And I am lazy, so here's my card. You look tasty." Wait a minute, that's not how it goes. But you get the point. :)

Nick Gaiski
11/26/2012 02:41:52 am

online* not only.

A-dog Mills
11/26/2012 02:53:55 am

Real talk. Fo' Sho. Like this kinda deal wheres you solve problems with yo brain matter.

Addison Millard P.H.D.
11/26/2012 02:49:24 am

I would invent the worlds most bestest invention. Coffee is too hot. Sometimes it gets cold. COFFEE WEATHER! What!? I have no idea....
Ducks will never be the same.
Mrs. George, why do you even let me participate in these?
You should invent an Addison blocker for websites. There you go.

Nick Gaiski
11/26/2012 02:50:44 am

And also sometimes it hurts. You the feathers, they kind of tickle. Unicorn juices!

Nick Gaiski
11/26/2012 02:58:48 am

Face people

Addison Millard
11/26/2012 02:52:36 am

Just kidding.
A parkour tredmill.

11/26/2012 02:54:56 am

What would Pee-wee Herman do?

Nighthawk Jr.
11/26/2012 02:56:54 am

What he means is a thingy-ma-bob where he can run and jump and stuff like that. Ya dig brah?

Addison Millard
11/26/2012 02:57:10 am

This would allow traceurs (freerunners) to train in the winter when it is hard to get any outdoor exercise. Therefore, making it easier to stay fit.

Steven Wolfe
11/26/2012 02:54:49 am

I would invent human exoskeltons or fund someone that makes this because, it will help better understand connection with the nervous system to act directly according to the brain signals without muscle control. Scientists say that these suits should reduce the stress on your knees and hopefully physically enhance your walking and running.

Chris Hopkins
11/26/2012 02:57:03 am

i would invent a wish machine. It would grant wishes to all who want to use the machine. though it would only grant THREE wishes per person. It'll be a complex machine.

Mrs. George
11/26/2012 04:11:48 am

While this is funny and interesting to read, there are only a couple of people who are taking it seriously (the way it was intended). If you want 10 points for this blog, please think of something useful that might help people, like a cure for the common cold or the human exoskeleton that was mentioned above.

Nick Gaiski
2/3/2013 10:56:52 pm

I think a food printer, would be an excellent addition to the world. I was being serious. I mean, I wouldn't have to drive in the cold weather to get food from the grocerie store, when I can shop at home.

Megan Kidder
11/27/2012 02:04:30 am

I would create a spray that would actually work against mosquitos so that people won’t die from there bites. This spray would actually kill them as soon as they bite you. To use this spray you have to spray it on you and then rub it all over your body to make sure that it is going to work. This would help people in the countries that have problem with malaria. They wouldn’t have the problem anymore so they can live longer or just live. Or at least I would create something that would cure diseases.

Grace Meade
11/28/2012 02:09:26 am

I would invent an alternative way of transportation that is faster, cheaper, safer and more energy efficient. Cars can be dangerous and very costly due to the high prices of gas. The new transportation would have a different way of powering that would be more environmentaly friendly. It would also avoid encounters with other vehicles by having seperate routes which would also allow trips to be faster.

Nate Pewoski
11/28/2012 02:21:53 am

If I were to invent something amazing I would try to invent a car that could also drive on water. So if you were going somewhere and you needed to cross water, all you have to do is push a button and go, you wouldn't even have to get out of your car just to make it quick and easy to do.

Corey Robins
11/28/2012 02:24:49 am

If I could invent anything it would be cars that ran on water because as the water was burned/used and turned into water vapor which would just rise into clouds and eventually fall back down to earth to be used again. I like the fact of all these new cars using alternative fuel sources but the problem is they are so expensive that a lot of people can’t buy them so if the government really wanted to change the way we do things and make a more “green” earth they should help either the companies out or the people.

Amber Snore
11/30/2012 02:10:03 am

If I could create anything, I'd create a time machine. Cliché, yes, but traveling back and forth through time could be really beneficial to mankind. We could've stopped many of the tragedies that have occurred. Haven't any of you ever seen Doctor Who? Eventually everything sorts itself out.

2/3/2013 10:59:54 pm

Well then we wouldn't be able to mourn, and feel as much pain as we need. Pain is a reminder that we care. We could possibly be more succeptable to taking more things in life for granted.

Katy Wallace
11/30/2012 02:25:09 am

I would create something that ends birth defects. If children weren't born with defects, the bully rate would decrease. Also, children wouldn't be dying at such a young age. Some babies are lucky to live to be a few days old depending what they have. Families would have money to spend on things for their children instead of having to pay for hospital bills, funeral bills, and medication.

Jon Wilcox
11/30/2012 02:25:41 am

Somthing that I would create to make the world a better place would be a medicine that would cure any disease, including cancer. This would make everyone live longer and make everyone more happier.

Bo Morgan
11/30/2012 02:26:10 am

I would invent a pipe that automatically purifies water, so people in countries that don’t have clean water sources could have healthier lives. All you would have to do is hook the pipe into the water source, then that would lead to a faucet to get clean water. I would need a big sponsor, but I think getting a sponsor would happen because this is a really good cause.

Jillian Bailey
11/30/2012 02:26:22 am

If I could create anything it would be a cure for cancer. Cancer is a huge problem in todays world and if you ask the person next to you chances are they are related to, or know someone who has/had cancer. About 1,228,600 new cases of cancer are expected to be diagnosed and out of all these people 564,800 are expected to die, that is more than 1,500 people a day. So as you can see cancer is a huge problem and it would be a great thing to be able to invent the cure for.

Leah Czinder
11/30/2012 02:38:55 am

To make the world a better place I would want to invent a car that does not release harmful gasses into the environment. I would also want the car to run on a renewable resource so the cost for fuel would not be very expensive. I think that at this day in age our automotive should be much more advanced and eco-friendly than it is so I would choose to invent something like that.

Kayla Kalmink
11/30/2012 02:49:35 am

I have no clue on what I would do to make the world a better place. People can do what they are capable of. People can make houses that can fit a lot of people in them, making a laptop that would last for a month depending on how much you use it and make insurance more affordable and final thing is to get my wheel chair done.

Todd Fox
12/3/2012 03:10:55 am

There are a lot of things that we wish could be created to make the world a better place. One of the main things is a cure for cancer. The lives this could save is huge. Hopefully some day we will find the answer.


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