Do you think public figures should expect to be ambushed by photographers, or should they be off limits when they aren’t in public?
Amanda Loughry
10/1/2012 20:10:19

I think that people who are always following around famous people should not do that. How would you like if somebody carried around a camera and took pictures and video taped everything that you did. It's taking away their privacy and they are real people too that should be able to live their life without people intruding and they should be able to do what they want. Being famous is not their whole entire life, it's like their job, just like you working at mcdonalds, or an office, they don't need to be stalked.

Brad Hall
10/1/2012 20:13:42

I believe that paparazzi should not be aloud to invade peoples lives. First its and invasion of privacy. Second who realy wants to know what celeberty did what when or how or why. Plus people have died over trying to run away from the paparazzi, and also being a paparazzo is basicly being the same thing as a stalker following people and takeing pictures of them while there not looking or doing something they dont want anyone else to see.

Ryker Cowles
10/3/2012 20:30:02

+1 agreed

Lucas Johnson
10/1/2012 20:14:35

The people are public figures and have chosen to be, or have been thrown in by accident. People want to see about them and want to hear about them. But, you have to remember there still people. Nothing should be done illegally trying to get the pictures. Also some morals should be put in. Another step that should be taken is asking for permission from the people in the picture if it can be published. So there you have it.

Nick Gaiski
10/1/2012 20:15:43

Well said.

Nick Gaiski
10/1/2012 20:15:01

Both the tabloid owners, and the photographers should be held accountable for the photos. It was a ladder of wrong done. The photographer was first in the wrong, but then it moved up to the company that published the photos. I know that if I ever got famous, I would make time for my fans. But I am human and need my own personal space, and so does she. I have friends that are in big bands that tour, and they want space. Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens has to have his band and security guards act as a barriers for Kellin to walk from stage to stage.

Kayla Martin
10/1/2012 20:17:37

I think that people who follow around famous people for embarrasing pictures for money are sleezy like really? They are real people to. Nobody would like to be followed and photographed or video taped. Its rude and an invasion of privacy. Personally I think what happend to Kate Middleton should be considered pornography and that should be illegal. People shouldnt have to be scared to go into public like theres always something embarrasing about them that could be photographed.

Raven Gaiski
10/1/2012 20:25:45

I feel that public figures should be off limits when they aren't in public. Yes, they chose to live as public figures, but they need their privacy too. They should only expect to be ambushed by photographers while in public, and they definately should not be ambushed while in their own homes or other private places.

Travis Miller
10/1/2012 21:00:31

I think that if celebrities aren't in public then the photographers should atleast ask for permission to take pictures of them. But then again celebrities knew what they were getting into when they became famous, so they should just know that they are going to have paprazzi at everything they do. If they are known world wide.

Drew Engle
10/2/2012 02:04:11

I strongly disagree with any paparazzi that thinks this is right. Yes paparazzi has to make money but there has to be some lines on where that money is made. Picture taking should be illegal if its shot on private property or zoomed in on private property without the permission of the owner.

Jacob Kane
10/2/2012 20:18:01

I feel that the celebrities expect to get ambushed by reports and stuff, but they should not have to be. I think that the 3000 pictures of them that get taken every time they are on the red carpet should be good enough.

Connor Hays
10/2/2012 20:23:42

The celebrities did choose the life of being famous, they knew full well what they were getting themselves in to. That being said I do agree that celebrities do need their space so yea there should be some limits but this should not come as to much of a suprise.

Mackenzie Monroe
10/2/2012 20:24:46

Both the photographers and the tabloid owners should be held responsible for doing this. The tabloid owner because they actually published it and the photographer because they took the pictures in the first place. Yes, Kate Middleton chose to become William’s wife, and yes, it’s okay for tabloids to publish things about her. As long as they are respectable things, because those people need their privacy too. The private lives of famous people shouldn’t be completely off limits, but some things just shouldn’t be published.

Donavin Taggart
10/3/2012 20:19:54

In a way I think that they should expect it , but I am not saying that they should be ambushed.

Ryker COwles
10/3/2012 20:44:36

Invasion of Privacy, check
illegal posting of photos with out ones permission (not to mention topless, which is worse), check
i smell a dirty rat [paparazzi] which will hopefully be made an example of to the other rats [paparazzi] and the hope they learn real quike becuase they "paparazzi" me they better start running for there lives once i start turning around to have a "friendly" talk while holding a weapon of choice so they'll be on the next days newspaper/magazine labled "severely injured and put in hospital for the next month under intensive care"

Richelle Bell
10/3/2012 20:55:10

Personally I think that it’s wrong to try to get into famous peoples personal life’s like that. They want their privacy just as much as us. Maybe that is the reason why most famous people go crazy or start drinking and doing drugs. We are driving them crazy by wanting to know so much about them. How do u wood you feel if someone had a camera in your face all the time and anytime you said a word it ended up in a magazine or on the internet. Some people just need to back off.

Caleb Engle
10/4/2012 02:20:42

I do think that famous people’s lives should be off limits. They are humans just like you and me; you wouldn't want your life displayed for the world to see. It adds so much pressure for someone who feels like they need to live up to the world’s expectations. It invades their privacy and I believe that it should stop.

Ryan Carlson
10/8/2012 12:50:48

First of all I believe when celebrities should realize when they suddenly become house hold names....maligning and demoralizing of their personal lives will occur. People are always interested in the highly more popular societies. However I don't believe in paparazzi stalking them every second of the day. Everyone deserves a safe personal life.


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