Read this or another artlcle of your choosing about global warming. Based on your knowledge, is global warming fact or fiction? What can be done to slow down global warming?  What worries you most about the impact global warming might have on our world?
tyler davis
2/24/2013 10:05:44 pm

I think that global warming is fake. People just make that stuff up to scare people into recycling and helping the enviroment. Basically make them work without pay. Why should I have to clean up the road if i'm not getting payed?

Addison Millard
2/24/2013 10:10:51 pm

While I think global warming is a hoax, I still believe it's important to recycle, and clean up after yourself and what not. If global warming were actually happening, I'd tend to welcome it. I'm not a huge fan of winter and if it would lessen the cold, bring it on.

Veronica Klein
2/24/2013 10:11:07 pm

In my opinion, global warming is not happening. Yes, the temperature over the last 100 years may have risen 0.4 degrees, but that is very little in the overall scheme of things. When you look at the short term, the global temperature is rising. However, if you view global temperatures over a much longer period of time, you will find that it was actually hotter during the middle ages than it is now. The media is taking the words of scientists and twisting it to create global warming where there is not, just so they have a good story. And yes, there may be more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, but I think with everyone going "green", that will not cause problems later on.

Chris Hopkins
2/24/2013 10:23:28 pm

Global warming is fake. That’s a fact. Global climate change happens. That’s what the earth has always done. There’s plenty of evidence to support that claim. I myself am not as educated as I like to think I am, and I know this, but my father has said that there is a map of Antarctica that isn’t covered in ice. Old aviators mapped it out a long while ago. But since the media hasn’t said anything about that, it doesn’t exist. This country is nothing more than a bunch of people who think the environment is number one and should be protected all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I love nature, but these people take it to the extreme. Besides my dad said it’s the same thing that they were saying years ago that never happened. Just like the end of the world last year. It didn’t happen and it will not happen. Mother Earth is a wondrous place, but man will never know what she plans on doing next.

Corey Robind
2/24/2013 10:56:07 pm

I think that global warming is fact but I don’t think it is nearly as bad as everyone is making it out to be. Obviously the icecaps are melting and that kind of proves that the earth is warming up but I think it got pretty dang cold this winter at some points which makes me believe that it’s not really that bad. On top of that with the whole ozone layer thing, I do think that everything humans do aren’t helping any but I also believe that its part of nature and was going to happen whether humans are here or not.

Lucas Johnson
2/25/2013 04:00:11 am

Planet Earth goes through different temperature fluxes every so often. Sometimes the Earth gets hotter, sometimes the planet gets colder, such as in the ice ages. Humans have a small impact on the planet itself, the planet is fine. The life on the planet is a different problem though. We want a nice place to live don’t we? So “global warming” is a good way to scare people into becoming ecofriendly. Global warming does not scare in anyway, it’s a natural process. Only thing I think all this hysteria is good for is cleaning up the environment so we have a nice place to live.

Austin "George DubleYuh Busch" Jordan
2/25/2013 10:13:17 pm

Now listen right here. If this so called global warming was non-fictional, we would be baking up in the liberal atmosphere. The liberals want us to fear Mother Nature, and that makes them terrorists. The illusion of global warming is caused by the invasion of the good old us of a by the gays, Arabs, and illegal immigrants. To end this so called global warming we need to strengthen our borders to keep them out. I propose a ten-trillion dollar project to foster the care of over 9000 bald eagles to patrol every mile of border around this great country. And New Jersey. Also I would impose a flat tax rate.

2/28/2013 10:05:06 pm


jon wilcox
2/28/2013 10:10:24 pm

where is the like button?

Katy Wallace
2/25/2013 10:22:25 pm

I don’t believe that global warming is completely true. I understand that the temperatures have risen slightly, but the world’s atmosphere and temperature are changing all the time. We had the ice age, didn’t we? If people want to slow down global warming, try going green. On the bright side of going green, it cleans our planet up.

Brad Hall
2/25/2013 10:37:11 pm

I believe that global warming is fact not fiction. Many of the factors to global warming is green house gasses that we produce everyday through the use of cars and electricity wich is mostly made by the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil.

Leah Czinder
2/27/2013 10:42:59 pm

I believe that global warming is real but I don’t think it’s as big of a deal as the media talks it up to be. I think that people need to cut down on their greenhouse gasses and that the government should control factories release of greenhouse gasses, simply for having a cleaner environment. I feel that the increase in temperature is a natural occurrence. While humans are probably having an effect on it, I doubt it is very large in the scheme of things.

Tyler Falls
2/27/2013 10:47:19 pm

To me I don’t know if global warming is fake. I still believe in recycling and picking up after yourself. But to me I think the government is just lying to make us recycle. Its possible that it is real but the government has lied to us so much I don’t know if we can believe. I think that we have many more problems to face then global warming.

Kayla Kalmink
2/28/2013 03:46:06 am

I think global warming is happening but it is not as bad as the media is saying. Global warming is a somewhat big deal because the temperatures are increasing and the oceans are rising. Media needs to make this not such a big deal.

Lane Merrill
2/28/2013 10:03:44 pm

i think that global warming isnt a really big threat. The earths weather has always gone in cycles of hot then cold. The more impportant issue (in my mind) is the air quality and deforestation.

Steven Wolfe
2/28/2013 10:06:49 pm

I think that global warming is real but it isn't that big of a problem as people make it as. The climate in some regions of the world and that is part of global warming but it's not as bad as people assume it is. We have had rapid climate changes in the last 20 years or so and not much has happen as people think.

Jon Wilcox
2/28/2013 10:07:30 pm

What worries me the most about global warming is the fact that the earth is getting warmer because of us humans. All the ice from the north and south poles are melting, that causes change. I don't like change. That is why global warming needs to stop!

2/28/2013 10:24:33 pm

Yeah, I'm sure we are the only ones on this planet that cause pollution. Haven't you seen the Hangover part 2? A monkey smokes a cigarette. That's polution.

Stephen Bowles
2/28/2013 10:08:28 pm

I find global warming to be highly doubtful. The AVERAGE temperature has risen less than a degree in the past hundred years. It is important to note that the aveerage is highly prone to bias based on any sort of skew in the distribution. One must also consider that things in nature tend to move in cycles. It is not unreasonable to apply this to temperature as well. One may point to the icecaps saying, "Look! They're melting!" but it is important to understand that observation of them is a new thing. After all, Greenland got its name because it was GREEN when it was discovered several centuries ago. It is now a very cold place. This does not mitiggate the fact that it is important to wisely discard waste and recycle when possible, for efficiency if nothing else.

Caleb Engle
2/28/2013 10:12:35 pm

I believe in global warming and the effects it does to our earth. The polar icecaps are melting because of it. My biggest fear about global warming is the possibility of all the snow melting and the earth warming up so much that we don’t have winter anymore. I feel that the government should be passing bills that limit the amount of CO2 that factories emit, because scientist say that large amount of CO2 is the reason why our Earth is warming.

Nick Gaiski
2/28/2013 10:18:51 pm

I think Global Warming is a government conspiracy. The government is spying on us with drones, and pumping little bits of lithium into our water systems to make us lose our minds. Why would I believe that our earth has heated up. It's not like it will spontaneously combust. And I will be dead before it happens any ways, so to that I say "Take that, system!" Oh, and secretly, if it weren't for the government trying to inflict craziness upon our minds, we wouldn't have alzheimers, or anything else. Real eyes, realize, real lies.

Bo Morgan
2/28/2013 10:19:12 pm

I think global warming is real, but the media makes it way worse than it actually is. The Earth’s weather cycle is probably changing, but it will take a few hundred years for us to be affected by it or even notice that big of a change. I am not worried about global warming in my lifetime because it won’t affect me. If we are going to slow it down we need to use our resources more efficiently and make better energy efficient products.

Miguel Arjona
2/28/2013 10:19:17 pm

Global Warming worries me because all the polar bears are dying and it makes me sad that they have to die because of our mistakes.  Its not cool dude! I’m pretty sure that the reason we are having such a weird winter season is because of global warming. If its going to be freezing outside at least have snow so you can do something with it, like snowboarding.. But I believe that global warming is a fact and it is a little bit over exaggerated more than it should be.

Maxx Troutman
2/28/2013 10:20:15 pm

Global warming is deffinitely happening, but the cause for the change in temperatures is a cycle too. Greenhouse gasses and how we live effect global warming, but not as much as most people think.

Todd Fox
2/28/2013 10:24:26 pm

Evidence shows us that our world is warming up. Whether it is to do with the burning of fossil fuels is to be deliberated. To curb global warming, technologies such as electric cars, solar panels, and wind farms are being created by believers of the fossil theory. The increase in temperature is no doubt harmful to many species of animals and other parts of our environment.

Amber Snore
2/28/2013 10:37:17 pm

I believe that global warming is still a theory, but according to events that have occurred I could understand why someone would think so. I'm not extremely aware of what global warming is but as I understand it's a theory that the earth is increasingly getting warmer. When most people bring up the topic of global warming they discuss the melting of the polar ice caps. That makes sense to me; humans are most likely the cause of this. Through pollution and things like land-clearing we're slowly destroying the land around us. You could argue that it's for the best, but in all reality aren't we usually the cause of our own destruction? So in all essence, I guess what I'm saying is global warming is still for me, a theory, but a valid theory at that.

Jillian Bailey
2/28/2013 10:40:50 pm

I think Global warming is not completly true. It is proven that the Earth has gotten a tiny bit hotter over the past few years but maybe the weather changes a little every year and it was a lot colder at some points in this year than it has been in a while. So I understand why people are concerned, and recycling is great but the Earth's temperature will probably always be changing.


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