Which technology tools — whether Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, text messaging or anything else — play the biggest role in your life, and in the lives of your friends?

How do you use these tools? What makes them especially relevant to you?

How do these services and apps shape your daily life and relationships — for better or worse?

Have they changed how you work, play, read, think or interact with others? How?

Brad Hall
2/10/2013 10:17:35 pm

I only realy use facebook to video chat with my girlfriend and I text all the time it realy has only given me more privilages includeing that my parents alow me to do more as long as I have my phone on me and it has alowed me to stay in touch with relatives and friends.

Nick Gaiski
2/10/2013 10:20:09 pm

I am slowly beginning to loathe these social networking sites for personal use. All they have done is negative to me. I am sick of socializing, and so there for I hate the social networking sites. Now for professional purposes, I love them. They provide companies, or bands to reach out to fans they wouldn't have been able to unless they payed a lot of money for touring. The only reason I still have a facebook is to stay up with my band. I could care less about my relationship status, about those cliche love quotes, about those redundant photos of pot that everybody and their brother posts. Its pretty amazing taking my anxious eyes off of a blank screen and seeing how great the world actually is.

Caleb Engle
2/12/2013 10:40:17 pm

Nick, thats cool.

Chris Hopkins
2/10/2013 10:22:38 pm

Well I’m not sure whether or not video games would count, but games, texting, and Facebook play large roles in my everyday life. They are relevant to me because they help me get into contact with my small circle of friends. The kind of day really depends on how they affect me for better or worse, some days, they do both! Nothing has really changed about how I do things, but they make me unafraid to do or say what I want. Like for instance, I can easily talk to girls I like on Facebook no problem, but if we were placed in the same room, it would be awkward because I’m a shy person and don’t like to confrontation.

John Brunsink
2/13/2013 10:03:58 pm

You do have a ° of friends

Veronica Klein
2/10/2013 10:31:40 pm

The only social networking site I use regularly is Facebook. I am quite addicted to it and get on several times a day. I use it mainly for keeping in touch with my friends and family, especially ones that I wouldn't otherwise hear from or friends that live several states away. I occasionally get on Pinterest to research historical clothing and look at all the lovely outfits. Once in a great while I'll get on Tumblr to see what is happening with some of my favorite celebrities, but the site isn't as important to me as Facebook. I like hearing from my friends and seeing what they are up to. It's an easy way to stay in contact with them, especially when everyone is getting busy with college.

Corey Robins
2/10/2013 10:47:51 pm

I use Twitter and Instagram the most and then after those it’s Tumblr and then Facebook. I like following music artists that I listen to just to see what they are doing or tweeting about and I like photography so Tumblr lets me look at cool pictures and I mainly use Facebook to also look at pictures of cars and funny picture etc. I also do text a lot mainly to stay in contact with my girlfriend but also to let my parents know where I am or what I am doing and also to stay in contact with my friends. I think depending on the person social networking might handicap them when put face to face with another person but I don’t feel like these sites have handicapped me in anyway.

Nick Gaiski
2/12/2013 10:06:24 pm

Mad real talk. #sodope #lolz

Lucas Johnson
2/11/2013 03:15:04 am

¬¬I think those social media sites really do cut down on true human interaction. They allow things to get way out of hand way to fast. I have recently cut down on my use of the social media services; more of an annoyance to me than anything else. The interaction with are people are incredibly fake, you can say anything you want. You can’t pick up on what the true message someone is trying to give you. I did try an online relationship once, did not work very well; felt completely fake, I prefer reality over the internet any day. I still internet as a great tool, but it can be used for the best or the worse. The internet has not had a great effect on me; I think TV, music, and the radio (epically NPR) have a greater effect on me overall. Now a days I just use the internet to find information, like how to correctly put in a slope code for Game Maker, or how to set up my guitar.

Amber Snore
2/12/2013 01:40:51 am

I use many social networking sites but the ones I use more than anything are; Facebook, Skype, Tumblr, and YouTube. Although YouTube isn't really a social networking site, it is nonetheless involved with technology. I use Facebook mostly for social stuff, to interact with fellow classmates. Tumblr is my go to when I get bored, it also is a personal outlet, letting me compile a blog, that represents my personality. YouTube is used to learn and experience different activities I'm not sure how to do and most importantly, I use Skype to video chat with my boyfriend because he's too far away to see. The technology we're exposed to today greatly helps me interact and learn about the people around me. I believe most technology is used for good intent, but unfortunately, not all are. I do believe technology has changed how I live my everyday life, I greatly appreciate all technology has to offer.

Nick Gaiski
2/12/2013 10:08:02 pm

Youtube is a social networking site now. It's synced with google (+)

Addison Millard
2/12/2013 10:37:34 pm

You will be assimilated

tyler davis
2/12/2013 10:03:06 pm

The only social networking sites I use is twitter and facebook. I am on facebook more than twitter though. Facebook has played a huge role in my daily life. I am on facebook at least a couple hours a day. It hasn't changed the way I interact with other people except for my friends at middleville. I still hang out with people and talk to people face to face.

Katy Wallace
2/12/2013 10:08:08 pm

The only social site that I use often is Facebook. I use Facebook to stay in touch with my family, and especially my friends. Most of my friends don’t go to school anymore and it’s nice to be able to share photos and keep each other updated. There are days where I think about getting rid of my Facebook or just not get on it anymore because of drama. People take things the wrong way, or decide that they should share information about my personal life with people who don’t need to know about it. Other times, Facebook works wonders for me for people to see how big Autumn is growing!

Austin Jordan
2/12/2013 10:10:57 pm

I barely use any of the major networking sites (twitter, instagram, facebook, myspace(lol),)but I still have profiles on most so that if I ever want to use them, I will be able to right away. So to be technical , I probably use text messaging the most.

Jesus Freak 2012
2/12/2013 10:42:10 pm

That is so metal \m/

Teh Inedible Hulk
2/12/2013 10:44:59 pm

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im so angry i flipped my table

Leah Czinder
2/12/2013 10:11:57 pm

I use Facebook and Snapchat the most. I have a Twitter account but I have never used it. My friends are addicted to their Twitter accounts though. They are always competing to see who can get the most followers. I use Facebook to stay informed about other people. I really like the Facebook Messenger because my texting is very limited so I use that instead. I really only use Snapchat to send funny pictures to my friends. It's nice because the picture is deleted after a few seconds so they can't blackmail me with it. Facebook allows me to be closer with people that I wouldn't normally get to talk to very much. I don't think that Facebook or Snapchat has really changed how I work or play. I do believe that it has changed how I interact with people though because it changes the communication from being on a more personal level to a digital friendship.

Miguel Arjona
2/12/2013 10:17:34 pm

I own a twitter and Facebook account but i rarley use them, only because i'm to lazy to get on it. I mostly use facebook to stay connected to my family and see what kind of things a re going on in their lives and vis versu. Twitter doesnt make to much sense to me except to post random/funny things that give people ideas of funny things to say.

Jillian Bailey
2/12/2013 10:19:32 pm

I would say I use Instagram the most and after that probablly Facebook. I use Instagram for the fact that you only see pictures and no one really writes a paragraph that you have to read in order to get the picture. On the other hand Facebook lets me have all of my family members as friends and its easier to keep up with them this way rather than call them every night. One thing I dont like about social networking sights is that everyone shortens words for example instead of saying because people put bc and that is a bad writting habit to start. Over all I would rather have these sites because it does help me stay in contact with my family and with how many siblings I have its hard to keep track of them all.

Jon Wilcox
2/12/2013 10:22:03 pm

I think the technology tools that play the biggest role in my friends and my life are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and text messaging. They affect our lives by making new ways to post about ourselves. Everyone post personal information about themselves and we become closer to one another. We use these tools to communicate and show what we are doing or have done and they do shape our daily lives, people build their lives around Facebook and twitter, it is just a part of their lives. So that is the impact that all these social networks have on our lives in my opinion.

Bo Morgan
2/12/2013 10:26:29 pm

I don’t use social media on a daily basis. I use Facebook to mainly see my niece that lives in Key West, Florida grow up because I only see her once a year. I occasionally use twitter to look a funny tweets and I also follow ESPN analyst to catch up on some sports news that’s not on sports center. These services don’t affect my daily life, but they do affect most people’s life’s. These services don’t really affect my interaction with others.

2/12/2013 10:31:03 pm

I agree with what Beto is saying. I mainly use facebook for such things as what he does. Beto is a good person. We are all good people. Orange, Blue, Yellow, Grey,White, Black, or Brown. We all have our differences.

Caleb Engle
2/12/2013 10:36:20 pm

Out of all the social media sites I probably use twitter the most, because Facebook just has a lot of pointless crap on it like, Middle School kids posting what they ate for breakfast, or the “Like for Jesus Ignore for the devil” posts. The only reason I still have a Facebook is because my family members contact me on it. I also use snapchat just to send my friends funny pictures. The social media sites don’t really control my life. I try not to spend too much time on them so I can enjoy the other things in life.

Eleb Cangle
2/12/2013 10:40:27 pm

Yeah, that's what you use snapchat for.

Caleb Engle
2/12/2013 10:41:15 pm

I know Nick

2/12/2013 10:45:57 pm

I use snap chat to chat with my fingers. *snap*

Stephen Bowles
2/12/2013 10:37:19 pm

Facebook and text messaging have allowed me to maintain friendships over long distances and also to share things I find amusing. They really haven't changed anything about my interactions, though.

Lane Merrill
2/12/2013 10:40:37 pm

I use facebook alot to get into contact with friends and family. I like being able to stay in touch with my old friends in kentucky. Facebook also helps you to schedule events and invite people which can be helpfull for planning family reunions, high school reunions, parties etc...

2/12/2013 10:42:45 pm

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2/12/2013 10:52:43 pm

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Addison Millard
2/12/2013 10:44:42 pm

I find Facebook very useful when it comes to contacting band members or promoting gigs. It makes it easy to communicate with fans and get the word out. I tend to embrace new technologies, including social networks, as they are becoming a larger part of our lives.

John Brunsink
2/12/2013 10:49:54 pm

The only technological tools that have really changed my life are text messaging, Facebook, and pc and console gaming. I use texting and Facebook to talk to my friends and I use pc and consoles to spend my free time gaming.

Steven Wolfe
2/12/2013 10:56:42 pm

I own a facebook and a twitter but I never or hardly use facebook, but I usually use twitter to stay updated on new games coming out or for anything game news related.

Tyler Falls
2/13/2013 10:06:13 pm

I really only use Facebook, YouTube, and twitter. And I don’t know if video games count but that normally makes up my life. Between twitting random things and black ops 2. My life is pretty awesome to me. I also text all the time with my girlfriend and my friends. If it weren’t for these major things in my life I wouldn’t know what to do.

2/13/2013 10:08:42 pm

one time a long time ago before i became famous i was fishing with my father. i got a bite and struggled to reel it in. i got my fish and was holding it for a picture when it slipped out of my hands and flopped back into the river. That was the first time i dropped the bass

Maxwell Troutman
2/13/2013 10:42:28 pm

I use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but I honestly wish I didnt. I probably text people more than anything. I see how sites like Facebook can help bands and people stay "connected", but overall, I think they have a negative effect on people. People my age and kids younger than us are becoming too dependent on these things, which will change how we interact as humans over time, making us more anti-social.

Kayla Kalmink
2/14/2013 03:38:12 am

I use Facebook twitter instagram and texting. I use Facebook and texting the most. I am getting into using twitter but I don’t like using it because I don’t have a data plan on my phone. So if I use it I have to be at home. It has changed how people communicate.


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