Many states have already banned texting while driving and some also have laws that do not allow drivers to talk on cell phones while driving without the use of a hands-free device. There is currently a State Bill called "Kelsey's Law" that people are trying to get passed.  Read about it at this link.

What do you think about this?  Is it a good idea?  Should it apply just to new, young drivers or would it be better to have a law like California and several other states that prohibits handheld devices from being used while driving (Bluetooth headsets are OK)?  I am really interested in your thoughts on this one. 
Brad Hall
12/3/2012 03:29:37

I believe that they shouldnt alow any celliar device use while driveing truethfully because ive noticed when i drive even if the person is in the car talking to me its hard for me to drive so it wouldnt be any better if their not there and still talking to you.

amanda loughry
12/3/2012 03:29:52

I think that if states were to make a law about texting and driving, and using other handheld devices while driving that they should ban everyone from using them...because everyone is affected by using them, not just young drivers. I actually think that bluetooth devices can be distracting too, because you have to push the button to answer the call, but that'd be the same as changing the radio station or talking to a passenger, and those things cannot be prevented from happening.

Raven Gaiski
12/3/2012 03:34:58

I feel that "Kelsey's Law" is a good idea. I think this because a lot of people will feel safer on the road knowing that texting and talking on a phone while driving is illegal. I think the law should apply to all drivers, not just newly licensed, or young drivers. So therefore I also believe that it would just be better to have a statewide law like California does, with bluetooth headsets being okay to be used while driving. I will feel safer if I knew that people behind the wheel are focused on the road and the steering wheel, and not holding and using a cellphone.

Lane Merrill
12/3/2012 03:46:33

I dont think that there is every an exuse for cell phone use while driving bluetooth or not. all cellular comunication causes distractions from the road. more people need to be aware of their surroundings while driving, and stay off the phone. whatever it is, its not more important than your life

Caleb Engle
12/6/2012 03:19:51


Ryan Carlson
12/4/2012 03:24:47

Texting on cell phones and sometimes talking on cell phones can lead to terrible accidents. Those LOLs and OMGs are enough of a distraction from the road can cause your car to slam into another vehicle. Even "hands free" devices, Bluetooth for example, can be a hazard if a person gets caught up in the conversation. Basically drivers of all ages should be focused on one thing: the road.

Connor Hays
12/6/2012 02:35:49

I agree that this law should be passed and it should apply to both adults and teens. I think that this definetly needs a lot of support and attention though, because if they just pass it under the radar then it wont have that big of an impact on drivers who text and drive.

Drew Engle
12/6/2012 03:00:11

I believe that Kelsey’s Law is a must. In this day in age while teens drive teens would rather finish the text that they are sending rather than paying attention to the roads. Kelsey’s Law should only favor teens and not adults. I think this way because adults understand better that when they drive that their life is on the line. Not sending the next text before they get to the light like many teenagers think so.

Caleb Engle
12/6/2012 03:18:44

I think that Kelsey’s Law should apply to teens up to the age of 20. They are the ones with the least amount of driving experience, and are most likely to get in accidents. If Kelsey’s Law does not get put in place then Michigan should be just like California.

Jacob Kane
12/6/2012 03:50:53

I feel that the law is good, but it is stupid in the fact of adult "experienced" drivers talk on the phone just as much as teens do, but yet this law would only apply to the "novice" drivers, kind of dumb since adults talk and text while driving nearly as much as teens. Pass the law statewide for all ages unless you can prove it was an extremely neccesary call.

Mackenzie Monroe
12/7/2012 03:09:12

I think that Kelsey’s Law is a good idea! Many accidents and deaths have happened because of someone texting or talking on their cell phone, it is just too much of a distraction. It should apply to every driver, because adults are just as attached to their phones as teens are, and they may be more experienced, but it won’t change the outcome of using a phone while driving. If this law is passed, I think that as long as it is enforced, it will decrease crashes caused by handheld devices.

Kayla Martin
12/7/2012 03:10:15

I think everyone should be banned from using anytype of communication device while driving. All it is, is a distraction one look at your device and you could b slammed into a gaurd rail, tree, house, person, or another car and you could die instantly. Like is that text really worth your life? Thats my opinon.

Stephen Bowles
12/7/2012 03:13:10

I do not believe that using a cell phone while driving is very wise. For my first couple of years driving, I would not answer my phone while driving, no matter who was calling. Now that I have more experience driving I will use my phone for calls that need to be made at the time, such as asking whether or not I need to stop at the store before I go home, or if it is my parents who are trying to get in touch with me. It all comes down to the driver's own capacity to make wise decisions and keep focus. It is up to the driver to recognize his/her limits, but due to the fact that many people do not consider basic reasoning skills important anymore, a law to prevent cell phone use among new drivers is a good idea.

Lucas Johnson
12/7/2012 03:13:21

Texting while driving, a very dangerous act that can get you killed. Should it be banner? Well I think is no. Out of all the stupid things people do on the road they are focusing way too much on this one. People die every day, for many different reasons. People are born every day to take the place of the fallen. There 7 billion people on the planet and so when some stupid teenagers die people freak out, I really could not care. I avoid being stupid so I don’t get hurt. Yes there should be education about the dangers, but no ban on texting while driving.

Levi Brinkman
12/7/2012 03:15:02

I agree with it. I think that it should be passed because teenagers are new to driving and distactions like texting can put them in danger. Lots of people die and are injured from this and to save lives we should pass it. Some people will argue that it violates our freedom and we shouldnt be told when we can text or call someone and that it is our risk to take. Well it is not only your risk it is risking the lives of other drivers as well. We need more safety laws because without law and order man has no freedom.

Austin Jordan
12/7/2012 03:19:12

It makes me upset that people would risk their lives as well as others for a mundane conversation. So I do support SB 756, but there is really no way that it can be successfully enforced.

Richelle Bell
12/7/2012 03:21:19

I think that the law is a very good idea, but I do think that older drivers should not be able to use their phone either. They should set a good example for new drivers. I wouldn’t want to be that parent or family member that finds out that someone close to them dies just because they can’t wait until they are stopped to text or talk on the phone. It’s like in school, we are allowed to use are phone during pas time but people use their phone during class too. It bugs me that they can’t wait, apishly if the person they are texting is in a class too. Those are too way different scenarios but they bouth have the same meaning, people don’t know how to wait for a text or call, whether it’s as small of consequent as losing your phone or as big as death. Is it worth it? You think about it…


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