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Do you want your full screen, or do you want to see the entire movie? Do you consider yourself an avid TV watcher or a movie buff? Do the notorious black bars necessary on typical televisions bother you, or is it a welcome compromise? Explain how you would ideally watch a movie on your television.

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Kayla Martin
9/26/2012 04:13:44

I would want to see the whole movie. This doesnt really bother me considering I dont watch movies very often. I usually tend to fall asleep. Also even on little t.v.'s that only cut off 75% theres normally nothing important there. so thats my opinion of this.

Lucas jJohnson
9/26/2012 04:14:47

I do not mind the bars on the top and bottom of the screens. No if important parts of the movie are cut I would care. I am not an avid visual media consumer. So I am happy with my TV.

Brad Hall
9/26/2012 04:14:48

I dont realy care about the black bars and i also dont like missing part of the move because my tv cuts part of it off. That acualy tends to annoy me that thers part of the show or movie that im waching is getting cut off and when theres somehing important going on in that part of the screen then i feel like im not getting the full affect of the movie or show.

Raven Gaiski
9/26/2012 04:18:06

I would want to watch the entire movie because there could possibly be something important or worth watching going on in the spots that aren't being shown. I personally watch more TV than movies, and when there are random black bars at the top and bottom of the screen, it annoys me. I got a certain size TV for a reason, that being I want the whole screen to be filled while I am watching it. On my TV, I would ideally watch a movie in full screen, just because the black bars on the top and bottom of the screen bother me while in widescreen mode.

Austin Jordan
9/26/2012 04:18:25

My own personal preference would be to see the whole movie, as the black bars, I know I have them on my screen, do not bother me much because given the two options, I would rather see the movie in its entirety. Of course, though, I would love to be able to see the whole movie without the bars, as they can be annoying.

Donavin Taggart
9/26/2012 04:18:58

I would want to see the whole movie or show that I am watching. But i could settle with 75% of the screen or the wide screen with the black bars at the top and bottom.

amanda loughry
9/26/2012 04:22:44

I don't hardely ever watch T.V. When I do watch T.V. it is usually a movie, but I fall asleep to me, I guess it really wouldn't matter if the whole entire movie was showing or not. I hate the bars at the top of the screen and on the sides of the screen because they are super annoying, but since I don't watch T.V. enough for it to matter, it's not too big of a deal. I think that it is fine with 75% of the movie showing, there is usually nothing major on the sides anyways.

Caleb Engle
9/26/2012 04:30:24

I love to watch movies at home. So I would like the whole picture to be in the TV. Not a cut version. If you cut it out your missing details of the movie that the producer wanted you to see. But I also think that they should make movies that fit TVs and Movie theater screens.

Richelle Bell
9/26/2012 04:59:11

The thought of some of the movie getting cut off doesn’t sound good to me. I don’t mind the lines at the top and the bottom of the TV, because after a while you can’t even tell anymore. It just blends in to the back grown. It’s not as bad if you have a new TV. My big brother has an 82’’ TV at his house and once it gets that big you don’t even care about the lines anymore. I would rather see 100% of the movie then 55% of the movie.

Ryan Carlson
9/26/2012 11:48:57

I just love the feel of watching movies at home with the homemade popcorn, control of the remote, comfortable seats, and it's all pretty cheap. With this idea of cutting up the screen due to film makers type of filming style is horrible. Seeing up to only 55% of the image is incredibly annoying to think about. I truly don't mind the black bars but it would be ideal for me to enjoy a movie to its full effect properly. I'm sure Sony, Samsung , and all those great t.v companies are working on that problem has I type this.

Jacob Kane
9/27/2012 04:16:00

I dont really tend to watch movies, and if I do they are on my xbox which formats to my tv. If I did watch movies more often I would really like to see the entire movie rather than 75% or whatever they said. I would just deal with the little black bars.

Connor Hays
9/27/2012 04:22:59

I love movies, that being said I would hate for 55% of a movie to be cut out. I have watched movies with the 55% cut out and I ended up missing some pretty big stuff. I also think its discrediting to the filmmakers and actors if you lose that much of the movie. So I can deal with little black bars if it means I get the entire movie experience.

Nick Gaiski
9/27/2012 04:23:49

I am the type that pays attention to the backgrounds of movies to notice little things. I love watching movies, but I also like to point out flaws in props, scripts, etc. I am a critic on movies. Now I can't properly judge a movie if I can't see the whole thing. I really don't mind widescreen at all. It's not like I really pay attention to the black bars when there is all sorts of commotion going on, on the screen.

Travis Miller
9/27/2012 04:33:52

I don't really watch movies at my house. but if I did i think i would like to see the whole movie not just 55% of it. What if it was a scary movie and you were suppose to see a ghost in the background and you couldn't because you couldn't see the whole movie? But it doesn't really bother me that much.

Kayla Kalmink
9/27/2012 07:02:51

The bar doesn't bug me at all because I am used to the bar on the scene. When I watch a movie I just watch the movie.

John Brunsink
9/27/2012 23:10:40

I prefer wide screen so that I can see the whole movie. I really don’t mind the black bars on the television whether I’m watching a movie or regular TV. Ideally I would have my own movie theater screen for a TV, but since that obviously wont happen I actually do watch my TV in widescreen.

Stephen Bowles
9/28/2012 02:42:39

Personally, as long as I can see the picture, I don't mind the black bars. To me, the extra space is not a nuisance since it is not what I am looking at. A larger TV for seeing the majority of the movie is much more important to me, because I want to be able to see the whole picture.

Mackenzie Monroe
9/28/2012 02:49:35

I like watching movies on T.V. because it’s cheap and usually they are good! The widescreen black bars have always annoyed me, so if they cut the movie down to 55% I would probably freak! There are things there that would be missed. Think about a horror movie where the little things matter, you have to be able to see the whole screen to know what’s going on because it could be the slightest movement that you would miss. If it had to be 75% at least that’s better than 55%.

Ryker Cowles
9/28/2012 05:50:37

I whould rather see the whole movie instead of it being distorted and and cropped becuase then your not getting all the action thats going on to it's fullest extent...

Drew Engle
10/1/2012 09:41:35

This whole article scares me. I think that everybody should stop all the comparisons and just buy quality at home movie theaters! If everyone did this then directors wouldn't have to worry about making special formats on DVD. Also wouldn't everyone ant t home theaters in there homes instead of paying o go to one in town. I'm sure the at home theater would eventually pay itself off.


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